The CPPG is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming show in Austin, Texas opening Saturday March 23rd and running through the 30th. Submissions can be sent directly through your mobile phone to the following e-mail address. Please only send submissions to the phone number if you absolutely cannot send them via e-mail.  


Send Cell Phone Photography Submissions to:, or if you absolutely cannot send submissions to the e-mail address,



What to Send:
The CPPG is not looking for any particular theme in an entry, which is what ultimately makes the collective exhibition so intriguing. All submissions remain entirely anonymous, so use this as an opportunity to shape a small portion of the show with your submission. As far as The CPPG is concerned, lewd or graphic material is as relevant and inevitable as pets and sunsets, so remember, nothing will be deemed as inappropriate, and all submissions will remain anonymous regardless of the subject matter.


Photographs that are highly polished and professionally treated might be accepted, but anything that looks like it came from a "professional camera," is subject to extra scrutiny as the general concept of this show embraces the immediate and alternative use of the cell phone photograph. Sending links to instagram/facebook/social media sites with your photo is discouraged, but may still be considered.

Send photos of all things wild, clever, fun, or unique. Photos of things your positive nobody else will ever send me. Send something strange, funny, or beautiful; something that means the world to you. Send something macabre, something illicit, something sad, or something abstract. Send me the good, the bad, and the ugly. Send me art, love, hate, poetry, and pornography. Send me something that illustrates a point, or something that is absolutely pointless. Send me the binal, the extravagent, the obscene, or the celebratory. Be defiant and send me something you think I don't want, because the jokes on you-- I want it anyhow. 
Rules and Regulations:
There is no entry fee, however, in line with the concept of this show, only residents of the state that the show is taking place in may submit photos. For the upcoming show in Austin, TX participants must be either from or living in the state of Texas.

Participants may submit several photo's, however it is only likely that one or two submissions will be accepted. Please be respectful, and do not flood the inbox with dozens of photo's or they may be deleted without consideration. Submissions may be sent directly from a mobile device, or via e-mail. Labels, names, or subject are not necessary. Any names, titles, and contact information included in submissions will NOT be shared for promotion or used for the show under any circumstances. Your participation is highly appreciated, and your privacy will be respected without question. 

All submissions will remain completely anonymous. By submitting photo's to The CPPG, you are giving The CPPG complete creative control over your imagery to be used in whatever manner the gallery and/or organizers see fit. This includes but is not limited to: current exhibitions, future exhibitions, web, print, photographic, gallery, promotional, and creative appropriation. By submitting to The CPPG you are indefinitely authorizing complete creative control over your imagery without question.